Thursday, July 8, 2010

Late evening post...July 8, 2010

This email just came to me, forwarded by Anya....

"Hi from the seas...This morning at 8 AM we were 4th in our class. It was a painfully slow day during my shift. Sometimes sailing less than 2 knots. But at least we were abble to keep moving. We put up a spinnaker for a while to catch as much wind as we could.

The wind filled in from the North around 2 PM. We took the spin down and put the genoa back up. We have been sailing at 6 to 7 knots since then (it is now almost 8 PM). The seas have been very flat fortunately. IT looks like our fleet is spread out from South to North with us in the middle. I think the southern boats may be in trouble with westerly wind, instead of from the North.

We are currently cracked of slightly, and need to determine if we want to switch to the jibtop before dark. My watch tonight is from midnight to 4 AM." [Bob]

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