Wednesday, July 7, 2010

July 7, 2010 Race begins!

Wed. July 7, 2010. This morning began at the dock in Alameda with the moderately chaotic stowing of gear and provisions. the crew was hastily finding places for the countless cans, billions of boxes of ginger snaps, bagels, tortillas, and 10-minute rice (etc., etc), as well as frozen home-made dinners and perishables in large coolers with dry ice.
Just before pushing off at 10:30am, there was that moment of taking a group photo of the crew aboard Spellbound and saying last fair-wells, that seemed to hold time still. And then they were out of there! The boat was beautiful. I took a few pictures with Anya's camera, which is still in my possession, but unfortunately, I can't download any photos for you. So imagine a sleek Olson 40 gliding out of the marina, with Bob, Tim, Jeff, Dirk, Nathan and Jens ...heading into new adventure.
Starting line was at St Francis Yacht Club - they were the 3rd boat to cross at the gun, at 12:45pm. The wind was enough to lift them out under the Golden Gate Bridge, but not more. At 6:01pm this evening, Jens wrote, "We are all doing well, very light winds. 10 miles frm the faralones." I'll leave you with that.


  1. Great start Sue, thanks, waiting for more...Too bad you can't upload the pics :-( Did you try on Picasa or some other web-based appl.
    Pass on our best wishes to them whenever possible. Anne-Marie

  2. I hope they are not going too far South. Trade off of distance for speed as always.

  3. it's strangely fascinating to follow them on the official tracker!

    Sue, Ann can probably help you to get the picture uploading to Blogspot to work. I'll ask her to drop you a mail.

  4. Thanks for all of your comments. To Wouter, the problem with the download is lack of a download cord (it is not my camera). We should be able to get this corrected and then post more photos of the start day.