Monday, July 12, 2010

July 12, 2010 Nearing halfway point!

"Good Morning! I just stepped down from my watch this morning, driving with full Spinnaker in complete darkness, average speed 11 knots! Coming down the big waves I once hit 16.9 knots! Will see what Nathan did in top speed when see each other. He did most of the driving during the night. He's got the night driving down to perfection.It is now 8:00 am and I am standing by in case needed on deck.
In a few hours we will have concluded day 5 with 1255 Miles to go. Tomorrow sometime we should reach the halfway mark.
My neck is a little stiff from always looking in one direction with both hands on the tiller. So I resorted to some Ibuprofin for breakfast.
tired but happy, looking forward to another day blue water sailing."

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