Thursday, July 15, 2010

July 15, 2010 - Keeping the pressure on

[From Bob - 8:25pm PST]

Today the days are blurring into each other. It is hard to remember what day it is. (It is Thurday, 8 days in.)

There are rumors that we will finish in 11 days. My GPS says we will finish in 70 to 50 hours. The end is in sight, but we will still need a few cycles of our shifts.

The official standings have us in 5th place. The unofficial standings have us in 3rd. So, this means we need to push, and try to keep the boat moving in the best speed.

We gibed yesterday (reportedly late). This means that we are reaching as high as we can with the spinnaker. There was even talk of putting up the jibtop. This has brought threats of mutiny. So, we are working hard to work up as much as we can. It appears we may make it, but it is still 537 miles to go.

The ratings system is a mystery, and I won't have any idea how I have finished till the results are posted. But it is interesting to consider the possibility of a trophy. I know my boys would be excited.

There are reports during Children's Hour of food that didn't get eaten on time. We are starting to have this issue as well. We have no ice left, and nothing is frozen any longer. The refrigerator is on, taking precious AMPs. One of the tanks ran out of fuel while charging the batteries this morning. I had to bleed to fuel system to get the engine started using the second tank.

There was an accident yesterday with Jens' computer and some apple juice. We no longer have the routing software, and are pressuring Jens to make strategic decisions. We are still trying to get the backup computer functioning with all software, and email addresses.

On into the night we go. Maybe we will see stars again tonight. I miss them from the one earlier night.

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