Saturday, July 10, 2010

July 10, 2010 Daytime foulies coming off?

New sail mail just in (3:42pm PST)

(from Nathan)

"We set the spinnaker (new black 1 1/2) this morning at about 0730. The breeze is swinging around behind us but it's still a tight reach to rhumbline and we're tending to fall off a bit to hold the kite. That's not really a problem because the weather routing suggests we might be better off just a touch to the south.

We're watching two big guys presently (1135 PST) running us down (the 50 footers? California Condor?). From the results of the fleets in front (DH particularly) we're wondering if the folks up north will be running out of steam today or tomorrow, particularly Sapphire and Summer Moon.

The weather is much warmer and day shifts from here on in should be able to dispense with foulies, though at night light stuff would still be good to cut the wind.

There was a lot of phosporescence the second night; that has tapered off to almost none."


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