Wednesday, July 14, 2010

July 14, 2010 No major damage, but....

"It was an eventful evening (7/13) and day (7/14). It turns out that laptops don't like to share in celebratory drinks, even non-alcoholic ones (sparkling cider).

This morning, we took care of a few important items of boat business:

rig for a gybe (hadn't been done since we popped one of the guys)

Replace the masthead external halyard block just in case we need it

extract a broken batten from the main

Those last two required a trip up the mast. When we get to Kaneohe and have bandwidth, there are some good pictures and a video to post.

Having gybed over at lunchtime, we're pretty much on the port layline for Kaneohe and homing in.

This is a great crew- noone has found anything to complain about and we've gotten the tune on the boat very refined."

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