Friday, July 16, 2010

Evening July 15, 2010 The basic necessities

[From Nathan]

"We're off to the side of the course and zooming in for Kaneohe on port tack. Summer Moon and Sapphire have a commanding lead but today's project was to whittle away at Riva. We'll see how that turns out through the night.

The weather has been relatively clear today (clouds around but lots of blue) and we'll see if that persists into the night. It's also started to be very warm below deck during the day. In compensation, it's been very pleasant at night. We've each got different compromises on attire: as soon as possible, I ditched the foul weather gear, preferring a little damp (even rain) to sweating+cooking in plastic. Dirk opted for dry over temperature control (the first few days out having been quite wet). Jens seems to like being warm, Bob is variable, Tim seems to dress warmly at night but was the also first by a few days to show up on deck in shorts, and Jeff is probably the outlier (wearing denim the first few days!).

Foodwise, we're grazing on meatloaf and london broil (the latter in tortillas with some cabbage). Jeff has been earning a lot of karma points for food prep. The carbonara a few nights ago was great (multiple cooking dishes to prep a meal while racing!), but he even goes out of his way to make the simple stuff nice."


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