Wednesday, July 14, 2010

July 14, 2010

[From Jens to Sue....]
"It has been a while since you last heard from me. Thank you for checking with Moritz [about drug dosage....Moritz is a doctor in Switzerland]. Voltaren works well for me but is a powerful drug that makes me a bit drowsy. I am quite able to drive the boat, sitting down and moving the tiller does not hurt much. The hard part is getting out of my bunk. Other than that, we had a great day sailing today with beautiful sunshine, something we have not seen much with all the squalls coming through that pushed us along. I have a first idea when we might arrive. My guess is sometime Sunday afternoon, July 18. That is 4 days from this evening and time can still change that, depending on wind strength and direction. Can't wait to see you! Thank you to Moritz please. By the way we used one package of sutures to fix the light air spinnaker. It worked! [Moritz will be happy to know this! He taught Jens how to suture a wound, practicing on a sponge, during our recent trip to Germany.]
I leave it Nathan and Bob to write more for the blog. I want to get some more rest before the night sailing starts again.

Love you, four more days! -Jens

P.S. our gas supplies are getting low. No more cooked food for after tomorrow."

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