Saturday, July 31, 2010

July 28, 2010: The Voyage Home Begins

Spellbound set out to sea for her return voyage to San Francisco. Bob and David said good-byes at the dock and left Kaneohe YC at about 1:00pm July 28th. Here is Bob's first message, rec'd July 31st at 2:36 p.m....

We are having a number of challenges:

leaking head
battery diminished capacity.

We are moving well though. I will get gribs to see where we are in relation to the high.

Current position:
27 29 X 153 48

Barro is 1023

heading about 15. SF is 49.

Close hauled as we can go. about 6 knots and 4 for VMG.

More later as sea sickness diminishes.
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