Friday, July 16, 2010

July 16, 2010 - The Gardiner Method

Last night we decided to keep a pretty hot angle and work our way off the edge of the course. We were pleased with the daily run, but Riva had an even better one. More of the same for today (sail fast, keep track of the bearing to Kaneohe in case the shifts do something unpleasant to us).

The breeze is holding. We're finding some forgotten treasures in various stores lockers (such as the frozen london broil and some cauliflower). Propane is running very low but the weather is hot enough that we won't be that upset by a day or two of cold meals.

We've had a little intermittent trouble with the diesel, but so far nothing that bleeding and repriming doesn't cure.

Speaking of bleeding, Dirk got to try out the Disney band-aids (the Little Mermaid as it turned out) for a minor toe injury.

Bob now holds our surfing record, 20.6 kts! (daytime, nice brisk afternoon, 1 1/2 oz kite) That news came right after his description of what he's calling a "washing machine" start: Heat the course way up, just short of a roundup. When the wave arrives, slam the stern around until you're DDW. Hang on and find out whether you surf or crash and burn. Incidentally, that procedure almost guarantees that something will achieve 20 kts, whether it's the boat as a whole or random crew members and kitchen items finding their new rest positions on the low side of the boat.

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