Monday, August 9, 2010

August 9, 2010 And Then They Were Sailing...

We ran out of fuel last night just before my shift started. Of course it took a while to figure out that that was the problem. We have been having trouble getting fuel in the tanks. They always appear to be full when we try to add. I am glad that ordeal is over and hope we don't need much more motor.

It is surprising how close we are on resources. Just missing 2 hours of sleep last night was hard. And of course both of us were affected.

Dave woke me up around Noon and said if we get the sail up, we should be able to go faster. So we put the jibtop up and sure enough, we did go faster. It also happened to be just as a squall was coming. (I am proud of Dave for wanting to put up more sail as the wind was building.) We have been going pretty well all afternoon at 5 to 9 knots. Mostly around 6.5 to 7.

We are currently at:
38.00 x 138.09 with 743 mils to go to the Golden Gate bridge.
Wind is 12 knots out of 320 and looks to be holding this way for the next several hundred miles.
The boat is moving along at 7.3 knots with the wind at 85 apparent.
Barometric pressure is at 1024.

Hope to be home Friday or Saturday.

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